Our Best Works

Our Best Works

Scalelot Technology is the voice of advanced technology that designs and develops top-notch applications for worldwide clients. We are genuinely proud to work with some world’s leading brands and deliver innovative business-related applications and solutions.

how we work

Empower your teams. Take your project management skills to the next level. Concept to launch in record time. Concept to launch in record time.


Requirement Review

We discuss your requirements with you. User Requirement Specification and Preliminary Schedule agreed.


Proposal and Agreement

Project Proposal with Costings and Schedule is sent for your review. Project Manager and Design Team allocated.


Preliminary Design

Including a Basis of Design, Process Flow Diagram, preliminary, plant sizing, general arrangement, process control, safety, certification and testing requirements.


Detailed Design Phase

Including Detailed component specification, drawings, Bill of Materials, safety study, Inspection and Test Plan, preliminary Operating Manual.


Build and Testing

Procurement, inspection of materials and components, manufacture and assembly at our site.


Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and client operator training as required.

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our entire staff is passionately devoted to the underlying ideals.



Our goal is to surpass our customers, clients and partners' aspirations by providing world-class service performance and expertise.

We are flexible enough to adapt to transforming industry conditions and demands.

We achieve this by working together with our skilled and dedicated employees of the team.



Our vision is to be the nation's top internet marketers, assisting both large and small businesses in achieving their advertising and commercial ambitions.

Core Values

Core Values

Integrity: It has always been treating our clients and co-workers fairly and ethically, and establishing confidence in their behaviours.

Knowledge: The importance we put on developing experts as well as the necessity to constantly expand our combined technological skills to fulfil the requirements of increasingly knowledgeable clients.

Respect: Dignity for one other in your workplace leads to higher production and employee contentment, which leads to lower turnover.

Services: It entails the notion of excellence in whatever we do, keeping the services mentality while interacting with clients, and expecting a lot from oneself.

Enthusiasm: Recruiting and developing employees that are passionate about giving the best possible services to our valued clientele.

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